LJ Chickapig is neither chicken nor a pig – Not a mammal, not a fish, not even a fowl. 

He’s not your peace-lovin’ vegetarian, nor some savage, carnivorous owl.

He isn’t a squeaky clean goody-goody for that would be a bore – Nor is he a filthy, uncouth swine, because that would make us snore!

He’s not Blue State nor Red State – not this nor that.

In short, the dude can’t be defined, he’s special, and he looks good in any hat!

He is no outcast or some freak of nature – Nay! He’s friends with all the farm animals, just a guy who won’t be labeled or let others tell him what he should be.

He’s an original – not some rudimentary duplicate or copy.

My oh my, now while Chickapig is content in his own skin, he has a knack for coming across animals who need more encouragement, some would call it – a rally cry!

It’s these critters who are lost souls, they’re in need of direction!

Whether it is a Grizzly Bear with a sensitive heart, for he longs to get his doctorate in podiatry –

That’ll certainly add to his lore.

Or the Bottlenose Dolphin who wants to someday be a bike courier in the big city –

Freedom is at her core.

Or the Mother Roach of five thousand who dreams of attempting stand-up comedy –

What jokes could she possibly have in store..?

Or even the Honey Badger who wants to pursue his life-long dream of opening a chain of soft-serve yogurt nail salons –

Wouldn’t that be a chore..?

So many animals out there yearn for something more – they want more glee!

Will Little Joe Chickapig answer the call..? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


SUMMER, 2019
Animated Series Concept


Concept Design
Concept Development

Every episode, LJ Chickapig journeys across the globe (and perhaps outer space) helping those in need. 

Like Caine from Kung-Fu, or David Banner from THE INCREDIBLE HULK, or even Michael Landon from Highway to Heaven – 

LJ is there to help the victims beat back that bully!

Think of this little guy as Jiminy Cricket meets Mr. Miyagi!

He’s the extra push that helps that lost sheep to finally take the lead of the flock. Or that raging lemming who no longer wants to fall in line and instead, go his own way, against the grain.

Sometimes it works out – He helps the disenchanted find a new vocation or reach a lifelong dream. 

But then sometimes, as in life, things don’t go according to plan. Everyone doesn’t always accomplish their goals or fulfill their aspirations. But those that fail are not failures. 

For they accomplished something just by trying – If you never try you’ll never know and always wonder what could have been.

And as LJ Chickapig is fond of saying, “Follow your dreams, whatever they may be.”


Renfrow is LJ’s Step-dad –

He expects LJ to follow in his footsteps and one day become the farm’s alarm clock. This, of course, means waking up before the crack of dawn…

… Something no teenager, especially LJ Chickapig, wishes to do!

Always in LJ’s beak and telling him he’ll never amount to anything, Renfrow is an intimidating and scary antagonist.

LJ’s real dad, on the other wing, was a brave adventurer who left on an expedition to find the Farm’s Goose that laid Golden Eggs! This was ten years ago, when JP was only a chick, and he never returned… 

Some day, LJ hopes to find out how and why his father disappeared.


LJ’s mom –
She’s sweet as molasses but a bit ditzy…

Lily often has no idea most times what scheme LJ is up to, but there’s nothing that’ll stop her from completely supporting her baby’s endeavors as she loves him unconditionally!


Self-centered, egotistical, and opinionated –

Donny believes he’s the ‘Greatest Of All Time’ in everything. 

But really, he kinda sucks. BIG TIME.

His hair-metal band stinks, he cheats at every game, and he always thinks he’s in the right.

Donny’s an ignoramus.

If wearing gold-chains weren’t bad enough, he also sports a track-suit and has devil horns!


The farm has another residential ‘Bull Crap Artist’.

But, unlike LJ, he doesn’t have any intention on helping others! He’s a Danny McBride-type jerk that comes by once a month for stud purposes and dishes out his embellished tales of touring across middle America.

LJ knows this guy if full of it, yet he’s quite jealous! LJ secretly wishes that he too could travel the world… 

If only he could get off the farm!

LJ dreams of meeting strange and wonderful people and have fascinating adventures. 

Even if most of them are total bull****!


Dave hates being called that –

Because he’s only 28! 

Though, his hairline has been receding of late…

LJ Chickapig and his pals consider him their arch nemesis – For no discernible and logical reason other than he tries to keep LJ and his friends kept safe on the farm.

Farmer Dave really is the kindest farmer you’ve ever met, but LJ and his friends are always causing him problems! The rancher takes it all in stride though.

“Do you kids really need to tag the side of the barn..? That spray paint is quite difficult to clean off!”

“Stop trying to quash our artistic expressions, Old Farmer Dave!” retorts Spike.